About Us

‘Farmer is the backbone for our Indian society’, Everyone says but we noticed that farmer is suffering from so many issues in the same society like price drop for their crops, fewer quality seeds, high priced fertilizers and pesticides, financial burdens, unexpected climate changes etc. We wanted to back the farmers and support them in all the above-mentioned issues and more with the best possible and feasible means using our knowledge and technology. We are working hard to make Crop mart to handle everything ‘From the farm gate to the dinner plate, CropMart helps to the farmers each and every link in the farm-to-table value chain’.

Soil Testing
What We Do

Using technology for quick solutions to the India’s largest employment providing industry. Free soil testing, supplies advanced farm equipment and transportation to your destinations.

Our Standards

Our motive is to provide the best solutions to the agriculture and farmers for that we adopt the best practices that are available.

Our Capabilities

24/7 support for the requirements of the farmers. CropMart will take complete action from the beginning soil testing to harvested crop sale.



Easy Accessibility – Former can find us at their finger tips


Research data – Solid Market research data availability


Exerts advice - Support from Researchers and scientists


Partners – Partnering with Agriculture supplement companies


Tie-up’s –Relations with Agriculture universities


We have highlighted some notable skills which we follow professionally: